Our offering

bonaConsult provides consultancy, design and implementation for networked solutions that save money while providing a better quality of care. Our offering and expertise are extremely wide-ranging. We`re happy to meet with you and take you through the options. Below is a sample of the offerings we can tailor to your specific needs:


  • Needs assessment for the parties involved (public administrations, service providers, and suppliers of fixed forms of housing and care).
  • Advice for senior care institutions, geared towards the needs of residents, trustees and care home managers with the emphasis on operational and civil engineering consultancy.
  • Support for developing tailored solutions for financing and implementing expansions, conversions or new builds in housing with services, care and senior living at the communal level for pension funds and property companies, private investors, and so on).
  • Consultancy for Spitex organisations, public trusteeships and communes on the legal and structural aspects of organisational optimisation, resource planning and co-investment.
  • Assistance with planning proposals in the retirement and care home sector, from the initial project concept to submissions to relevant authorities and finally, implementation and commissioning.
  • Working through solutions for re-purposing disused properties, legacies or land adjacent to retirement and care homes, which could be arranged within a public-private partnership framework.
  • Networking service providers using electronic service management platforms to put in place efficient “one-stop” care solutions and offerings for families, single parents, seniors, and so on, making it possible to provide a higher quality of care at lower cost.